What is a Mentor? 

What is a MentorA Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF) Mentor’s purpose is to provide a stable, trustworthy adult presence that the student may not otherwise have in their life. Mentors are role models that provide emotional support, foster confidence and a positive self-image, and facilitate academic goal setting and college readiness for a student. As a mentor, you’ll spend just 1 hour per week with your student—and the difference you make will last a lifetime.

A Mentor is any responsible adult who can commit to spending 1 hour, preferably on a weekly basis, with a student Scholar in the Take Stock in Children program. Take Stock in Children Scholars are students ages 12-18 in Hillsborough County Public Schools who come from low-income families and face challenges that may prevent them from graduating from high school and/or attending college. These students are intent on achieving success and have applied, gone through an in-depth selection process by  HEF, and signed a contract stating they will stay engaged in school, out of trouble, and drug-free before they are matched with a Mentor.  Once the Scholar graduates from high school he or she is awarded a two to four year college scholarship. Because Take Stock in Children Scholars have applied, interviewed, and committed to the program they realize and appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given. Mentors will find that the students are engaged and excited about having a mentor.

Time Commitment

Mentors meet one-on-one with their scholar for 1 hour per week at the Scholar’s school during school hours (usually between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.) until the end of the school year. Most mentors choose to meet with their students during lunch time, but you can choose almost any point in the day that’s convenient for you and the Scholar, so long as it’s during school hours and on school property.

At the end of each month the Mentor reports the dates, amount of time spent mentoring, and any relevant information or concerns.  While the minimum requirement is to meet with the scholar at least bi-weekly, weekly meetings are preferred. The more time a mentor spends establishing a relationship with their scholar the more rewarding the experience is- for both the Scholar and the mentor.

Mentor Support

We want the relationship between Mentor and Scholar to be successful, as it is an integral part of the Take Stock in Children program. This is why all Mentors and Scholars are assigned a College Success Coach. The College Success Coach is a resource to both Mentor and Scholar providing guidance, support and assistance when needed.


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