Give the lifelong gift of a college education.

For many Hillsborough County students, scholarships are one of the only ways they can pay for a college education. Because every dream is different, so are the scholarship opportunities we provide.

Senior College Scholarships

You can give students in the 12th grade scholarships for $1000 or more.  These scholarships are based upon students meeting specific minimum criteria such as GPA, financial income, community service, athletics, or club participation.  You also have the opportunity to create a named scholarship to honor you, a family member or your business.

Take Stock in Children Florida Prepaid Scholarships

This scholarship is designed to help economically challenged students grades 6-9 realize the dream of a college education.  As one of the most impactful donor opportunities, two- and four-year scholarship plans are available with matching funds and administered through HEF on behalf of the statewide Take Stock in Children program. 

For more information about establishing a scholarship contact: 

Mike McCollum
Phone: (813)574-0296
Email: [email protected]