"The most rewarding part of the program was having a few of my students genuinely thank me for working with them over the last year. One of my students said, 'You never gave up on me. You kept pushing me and wouldn’t let up. I haven’t been suspended once this nine weeks and my grades are almost all A’s. If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t know if I’d have done that.' Just hearing her say that made this service year more than worth it."

Crystal Carpenter, AmeriCorps Graduation Pathways Mentor


"It was never a warm and fuzzy relationship [with the student I mentored]. However, he learned to trust me and realized that I was here for him in whatever capacity he needed. Although, he still has many things to work on he has decided to stay in school and keep pushing forward. The message I want to convey is that mentoring may not always end in heartfelt goodbyes and a loving bond. Yet, sometimes a sincere thank you from a student you worked hard to help, is really enough."

Victoria Zeccola, AmeriCorps Graduation Pathways Mentor


“I mentor because I find it so incredibly rewarding in many ways. I have learned so much about my little, and even myself these past months from our meetings! I believe it is very important and a wonderful experience to volunteer some of your free time to spend with someone who truly benefits from it.”

-Kelly, Take Stock in Children Mentor

“I mentor because I think it is important for children to know that there is someone out there that has their best interest and wants to see them succeed, especially if they may not be getting that support and positive advice at home.”

-Tanja, Take Stock in Children Mentor

“Mentoring is such a pleasure!  I truly enjoy interacting with young people, listening and exchanging ideas. It’s a wonderful way to "pay it forward".  Just knowing that you are impacting a young persons life in a positive manner is so rewarding.  It's an opportunity to learn right along with the student and I would highly recommend it!”

-Linda, Take Stock in Children Mentor

“I mentor because being part of the solution is better than being part of the problem ". "The greatest gift is the one you give through mentorship"

-Ross, Take Stock in Children Mentor

“I mentor because it provides an opportunity to turn what has been selfish ambition into selfless guidance to a young and deserving mind.”

-Steven, Take Stock in Children Mentor