Who Can Shop 

The Teaching Tools Store currently serves 163 Title I schools and 10 instructional sites in Hillsborough County Public School district. 

There are 3 ways a teacher at an eligible Title I school can benefit from our free school supplies.

  1. Full Service School
    All full-time teachers and designated faculty can shop for an average of $230 in free school supplies once per month (July – May).
    List of Full Service schools
  2. One-Representative School
    The Principal assigns one shopper and one alternate shopper to serve as the designated shopper for the school. This shopper can shop for $1,000 or more in free school supplies once per month (July – May).
    List of One-Representative schools
  3. Volunteer-to-Shop School
    All full-time teachers at schools we currently do not serve, including those at One-Representative Schools, can volunteer 3 hours per month at the Teaching Tools Store to shop once a month for an average of $230 in free school supplies (July – May).

Who qualifies to shop at the Teaching Tools Store: 

  • Full-time Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Resource Teachers
  • Principals 
  • School Psychologists
  • VE, PE, Art & Music Teachers
  • Assistant Principals
  • ESL Teachers 
  • Speech Therapists/Pathologists
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Media Specialists

Who does not qualify to shop at the Teaching Stools Store: 

  • Part-time Teachers
  • Coaches 
  • Day Care Providers
  • Administrative Staff Interns  
  • Personnel who do not provide instruction to students all day, everyday
  • Custodial Staff 
  • Substitutes  
  • Bus Drivers 
  • Home School Teachers

Aides and paraprofessionals may only shop on behalf of a teacher using our Substitute Shopper Program.