Teaching Tools Store Community Impact

Being a student is hard enough with the pressure to wear the right things and sport the right hairstyle. So when your family is so financially challenged that you come to class without pencils or paper, learning becomes an uphill battle.

Fact:  99.5% of teachers purchase basic school supplies for their students out of their own pocket.*

A real brick and mortar store, Teaching Tools provides critical school supplies year-round to economically disadvantaged students in Title I schools throughout our community. Title I is a federal designation which signifies that 75% or more of the students in the school qualify for free or reduced lunch programs based on their household size and income.

Did you know that 149 of the 263 schools in Hillsborough County qualify as Title I? That number grows each year, meaning more and more of our students from hard working families face financial challenges purchasing basic school supplies for their kids.

Fact:  Teacher’s out-of-pocket spending on classroom supplies has increased 10% since the 2010 school year.*

Since 2002, the Teaching Tools Store has given $25 million in free school supplies to our teachers and students in Title I schools. That translates to helping teachers save money and focus on what they do best.

Fact: Research supports that lack of adequate classroom supplies has a direct impact on teacher morale and retention.

Something as simple as a pencil or a crayon that can help change a student’s life. It is a problem that can be solved today. The Teaching Tools Store is committed to helping thousands of our students in need and giving them the basic tools to be successful in the classroom today, so they will be prepared to become our community leaders for tomorrow.

*Based on the 2012-13 study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association.