"With many students having limited exposure to learning outside of the classroom, this experience provided them with a chance to expand their knowledge of other living things in the world. Learning is so much more meaningful when students are given the chance to see and experience things first hand."

Joy Grabert, Teacher at Pizzo Elementary

"Because of your generosity and kindness, my students are not restricted to paper, pencils, and books but enriched by play through music and movement which stretches and expands their learning in dozens of directions by real student inquiry. Thanks so much for funding my vision and enriching this project."

Nikki Schmidt, Music Specialist at Cleveland Elementary 


“The Teaching Tools store gives me the peace of mind from knowing that I have the resources I need for my students to be successful.  Each month, I look forward to shopping at Teaching Tools. At the store, I am able to get copy paper, pencils, paper, glue sticks, backpacks, new or gently used books to name some items.  I still have my tabletop laminator that I found 10 years ago at the store. Thanks to Teaching Tools, I am able to focus on teaching without having to worry about the tools my students need and how I’m going to provide them."

- Melissa Boucher, Early Exceptional Learning Program Teacher at Mort Elementary

“It is with extreme gratitude that I express my appreciation for the grant that funded Discovery Education, poster board, and glue sticks at my school. The resources have been a tremendous blessing. When submitting the grant I gave my students a pretest on basic geography vocabulary words. At that time only 7% of my students scored at 80% or better on the test. The post-test on the last day of May showed 77.6% scoring at 80% or better! The results were way beyond what I had predicted (50%}. I am convinced that the assistance of the visualization support from Discovery learning allowed my students to make progress that would have been possible no other way.”

- Gayle Potter, Teacher at Eisenhower Middle

“I love the Teaching Tools Store! It has been a blessing for my students and me! No more having to buy glue sticks, paper, notebooks, etc. I only have positive things to say about the Store.”

- Teresa Ray, Teacher at Jackson Elementary

"The Hillsborough Education Foundation has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of my students, the critical work being done by HEF will make a sustainable difference for years to come"

- Leena Hasbini, College & Career Counselor at Bloomingdale High

"Receiving this grant made a world, literally, of difference to our students and faculty!  We were able to have our first lab for students and it is helping us establish a Global Classroom Partnership with a school in the United Kingdom! Our students look forward to technology in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade every single week!"

- Chiaramonte Elementary Teacher