I was so excited to hear that I was selected to receive this honor. Without this scholarship, I wouldn't have been able to continue my education on a college platform. My family can't afford to send me to school, so I would even have had the option. I thought college would just be a lofty dream. I didn't just win money; I won experiences, opportunities, and education that will give me the ability to go to school and earn a career that I love. That is what this scholarship gave to me. I cannot even express how much this scholarship has blessed me, as well as my family.

-Katy, Scholarship Recipient


Little can I say to properly and completely express my gratitude for this generous scholarship! In fact, it is more than just a scholarship to me; it is an opportunity furnished by you to reach my future. For a low-income family with two children in college now, the compounded expenses could very well have jeopardized either my choice of college career or our relative financial stability, and those two seemed mutually exclusive for the longest time. However, with this scholarship, we no longer need to worry about my future.

- Bo, Scholarship Recipient

My mentor and I have been meeting each other since freshmen year. She is a very focused person and serious about school. She helps me get through school and keeps me honest about how I am doing with classes and grades. We usually meet in our schools computer lab and we look up scholarships and colleges and she helps me plan out my future.

-Digna, Take Stock in Student Scholar

My mentor helps balance my schedule, helps keep me on track for things I need to do and she gives me advice about overcoming things. I admire her for caring about young people and being such a strong person.

-Trinh, Take Stock in Children Scholar

Thank you so much for the free supplies. School supply shopping is so expensive and you just made it a lot easier on my family.


Thank you Hillsborough Education Foundation for providing me with the supplies I need to succeed in school. Without these supplies I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my school work or make it to college. Thank you for supporting me to succeed.