Our Programs

For the next generation, it is virtually impossible to bring out the true greatness within without a sound education – and for the majority of students in Hillsborough County that means a sound public education.  Businesses can’t run and prosper without an educated workforce.  Communities can’t grow without skilled, talented and capable individuals who contribute to their positive evolution. 

That is, in essence, what the Foundation's programs are designed to do: 

To help students by giving them the inspiration and motivation and mentoring they need to reach accomplishments they might have thought were out of reach. 

To provide scholarships for the brightest and most committed graduates, regardless of their financial standing.

To prepare those who choose not to go to college to be ready to become productive members of society upon graduation through financial assistance to attend career and technical centers

To help teachers do what they do best, by giving them the tools they need to stimulate young minds through classroom & school innovative projects and free school supplies from our Teaching Tools Resource Center.

And finally, to engage our community so that it will help us meet our mission and strive for academic achievement for all.