Our MissionThe Mission of Hillsborough Education Foundation is to strengthen public education in Hillsborough County through advocacy, investment of resources, and programs that empower every student to achieve both academic and personal success. 

Our Vision is that all students in Hillsborough County Public Schools will graduate and be prepared with the skills necessary for postsecondary, career, and life success. 

Our Core Beliefs

Every Student Matters
Every student has the potential for success. 

Equity of Opportunity
Every student should have access to and equity of opportunity to benefit from a high-quality education. 

Education is Key to a Prosperous Community
Education ensures a strong thriving community. Preparing students to enter postsecondary and career pathways is critical for a strong workforce and sustainable prosperity. 

Continuous Improvement 
Relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and excellence in program delivery, processes and services using data and informed practices. 

Success Relies on Relationships
Our success relies on strong relationships. We are committed to being a strategic partner with Hillsborough County Public Schools and other partners with common goals to multiply our contributions and maximize impact on student success. 

Effective Teachers are Foundational to Student Success
Empowering teachers with the resources and support they need to be effective in the classroom is critical for student achievement.