Mentoring FAQs

What is a Hillsborough Education Foundation Mentor?

A Mentor is a coach and a guide who is willing to spend the time to help support the development of a student.
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Who Can Mentor?

Any responsible adult with a high school diploma, no criminal record, and the ability to meet the time commitment can be a mentor. Take our “Should I Mentor?” Quiz

How often and how long do I mentor?

Mentoring sessions last 40-60 minutes, dependent on the Mentor and Scholar’s schedules, and occur either weekly or bi-weekly. Mentors may occasionally miss sessions, but this is discouraged as the Scholar’s need a steady, dependable adult presence. 

Can I meet with my Scholar outside of school?

No. Mentors are not allowed to meet with their Scholar outside of the designated mentoring session within the school until the Scholar graduates from High School. Exceptions to this are special Take Stock in Children Events or school-sponsored events. 

How far will I have to travel?

When matching Mentors to Scholars, our TSIC team makes sure to take into account the proximity of the Scholar’s location to the Mentor and will discuss this with the Mentor.

How long will my commitment last?

Mentors commit to meet with their Scholars for one school year (September-May).

Can I buy my Scholar presents?

It may be acceptable and appropriate to give your mentee a small gift on occasion, but it is not required. If the gift is of monetary value, mentors should check with TSIC program staff and the scholar’s parents first.

Can I choose my Scholar?

Scholar matches are based on the mentor’s preferences of student age, school location, gender, and interests. If the mentor has a lot of flexibility in those areas, several student profiles may be presented.

Can I end the mentoring relationship with my scholar at any time?

It is our hope that all mentor and scholar matches will be great fits, however we understand that personalities and interests do not always align. If after a few meetings with a scholar the mentor does not feel a connection, we ask that they inform us so that we can find a better match.

Can I list being a mentor on my resume?


Is this a paid position?

No, mentoring is a volunteer position. But you will be rewarded by the experience of changing student’s life!

How can I tell others about mentoring?

We encourage all of our mentors to tell their friends and family about mentoring. Please refer them to this website to gain additional information.

How else can I help?

You can click here to donate online so we can reach more students in need.

How does the Hillsborough Education Foundation work with Take Stock in Children?

Take Stock in Children (TSIC) is a Florida nonprofit founded in 1995. This statewide program is independently managed in each county, and the Hillsborough Education Foundation manages the TSIC program for Hillsborough. Essentially, the Hillsborough Education Foundation administers the application process, recruits the mentors, monitors the student’s academic progress and mentor interaction, and raises funds to provide scholarships to the Scholar upon graduation from High School. Take Stock in Children provides a dollar-for-dollar match for all funds raised by the Hillsborough Education Foundation. Click here to visit the Take Stock in Children statewide website.

How does being a Take Stock in Children Mentor differ from being a mentor in other community programs?

Unlike other mentoring programs, the Take Stock in Children program is academically focused and site based. This means that the Mentor is not required to meet their Scholar outside of school grounds, on weekends or during the summer, nor does their mentoring relationship entail any financial commitments. Because Take Stock in Children Scholars have applied, interviewed, committed to the program, they realize and appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given. Mentors will find that the students are more engaged and excited about having a mentor.