How to Support Career & Technical Education

The workforce of the future needs your help today.

Sometimes, all that stands between a high school student and a career after graduation is the cost of a stethoscope, a welding mask or the fees associated with required certifications. We secure funding from individuals and businesses in the community to help students cross that hurdle and move onto a rewarding job after high school through our Project Success Fund and Tools for the Trade program.

Project Success
Through Project Success, an average $500 investment in training can start students on the path toward building a career, not just landing a job, upon graduation.  Without such support, many of these students would never make it out of high school with diploma in hand.  Helping them find the career that suits them without the need for a college degree is key in leading them toward fulfilling, productive lives.  In fact, 86 percent of all CTE students graduate and find work in the area of their certification. 

Tools for the Trade
Through Tools for the Trade, we assist graduating HCPS Career Center students by providing them supplies, tools, and miscellaneous occupational accessories to assist them in entering the workforce. Without these “toolkits,” these students would face great difficulty in obtaining the necessary resources to begin their careers immediately after graduation. Whether it’s providing pots and pans for a recent culinary graduate or covering the cost of fingerprinting for a soon to be nurse, the Tools for the Trade program helps HCPS Career Center students with the transition from school to career.

See for yourself the difference CTE is making in the lives of thousands of Hillsborough County Public School students.  Take a tour of one of the County’s four Career Centers:

There you’ll see students who are gifted in much-needed trades like culinary arts, auto mechanics or digital design. 

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