Gifts That Honor Your Legacy

Make an impact on the generations to follow.

Sharing the fruits of a life well lived is a great way to leave a lasting legacy on the students of tomorrow. 


One of the most popular types of legacy gifts, bequests are gifts to HEF designated in your will that are simple, flexible and versatile. All you need is to add a few sentences to your will using our official legal bequest language.  Because the gift is made after your death, you can change your mind at any time simply by changing your will.  It’s flexible because you can specify anything from money to a prized possession to a percentage of your estate.  Bequests are also entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for their full value. 

Beneficiary Designations

Naming HEF as the recipient of your assets, IRAs and retirement plans, or life insurance or insurance annuities allows you to support HEF and often leave your heirs with many tax advantages.  For instance, most retirement plans aren’t subject to income tax during your lifetime, but can be taxed as high as nearly 40% upon your death.  Life insurance policies are a low-cost way to leave a large gift by naming HEF as the beneficiary.  Unlike life insurance, insurance annuities leave your beneficiary with a tax burden upon your death, unless donated to a charitable organization like HEF.

Endowed Gifts

Endowments are gifts that are a permanent pool of support for HEF programs, because the funds are invested by professionals on behalf of HEF to support our programs for many lifetimes to come.  Cash, securities or other assets can be used to create your endowment, or you can join one we’ve already created. 

Real Estate

For many of our supporters, few things are as satisfying as knowing the place they’ve called home will become a sizeable gift to HEF upon their passing.  Real estate gifts are good ways to enjoy your home today, and pass on its value so HEF can sustain its ever-expanding support students in our public schools.  Also called a retained life estate, you have the right to retain ownership of the property throughout your lifetime.

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