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Can you ace this test?

There is just one question...

What is the #1 item teachers in Hillsborough County need for their students?

Many of the tests students take and the activities they complete in the classroom are done on or with a piece of copy paper. Every year our public school teachers are allowed a set amount of copy paper to use for their classrooms. When they run out, it is up to them to find more paper for their students.

One ream provides a teacher with enough paper for a month’s worth of tests and activities!

Join the Carton Club and help ensure Hillsborough County teachers have enough paper to provide for their students for an entire school year.

It just takes one!

One ream at just $3.20 will provide a teacher with paper for an entire month!

One carton at just $32.00 will give a teacher enough paper for an entire school year!

Your support will help Hillsborough County students reach their full academic potential.

You do the math...

400 classrooms x 25 students per class = 10,000 students helped each month

Click here to download the Carton Club order form.

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