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About the Initiative

Hillsborough County Public Schools is embarking on a more than $200 million initiative to improve teacher effectiveness and better prepare students for postsecondary education.  This initiative is called Intensive Partnerships to Empower Effective Teachers.  Recently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced their contribution of a $100 million grant towards this initiative.  For the next seven (7) years the School Board, Hillsborough Classroom Teachers' Association, and the school district will collaborate on developing programs and strategies to place stronger teachers in the county's public schools.  Through this initiative, the district plans to increase the number of college-ready students graduating from 63% to 90%; and increase the graduation rate from 82.2% to 90%.

The Hillsborough Education Foundation is honored to serve as fiscal agent in this process.  We will also work to engage and communicate with the community about the progress made through this opportunity.  We are appreciative of the confidence from the school district and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in our ability to serve in this capacity.  We fully support the district in their efforts to implement an initiative that will directly benefit our teachers and students.  This work could change the face of education in Hillsborough County Public Schools, and ultimately around the nation.

The Intensive Partnerships to Empower Effective Teachers initiative consists of five (5) Core Initiatives and five (5) Enabling Initiatives:

Core Initiatives

  • Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: using performance evaluation as a dominant role in determining teachers' career opportunities and compensation.
  • Performance-Based Career Ladder: clearly define performance level required for tenure and advancement.
  • Next Generation Pay-for-Performance: develop compensation system that bases salary increases on performance and progress.
  • Programs and Incentives for High-Needs Students: develop policies and incentives to address schools with critical numbers of high-need students, and the high-needs students in the highest-performing schools.
  • Apprentice Teacher Acceleration Program: high-quality induction program that provides experienced teachers as mentors and one-on-one support through weekly observation and feedback.

Enabling Initiatives

  • Enhanced Recruitment and Dismissal: provide Human Resources support to principals through the HR Business Partners function, which will support all staffing needs within a school.
  • Strengthen School Leadership: align evaluations of school principals with expectations of teacher effectiveness and student growth.
  • Performance Management: create scorecards for schools and the district to evaluate performance.
  • Integrated Instructional Toolkit: revamp the instructional resources available to teachers.
  • Change Management/Communications: build support from district stakeholders, including teachers and the community at large.


You can find more information about this initiative on the website for Hillsborough County Public Schools.


Do you have questions about this initiative?  E-mail us!

Important Links

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Congratulations to everyone whose hard work made this possible.




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