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"My mentor has changed my life by lifting me up, encouraging me to push to new levels, and giving me inspiration to make it through hard times." ~ Nicole

What are the benefits of mentoring? Studies show students with a mentor report:

  • Fewer depressive symptoms
  • Greater acceptance by their peers
  • More positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school
  • Better grades in school


Mentoring helps students succeed, achieve, and graduate from school. Mentors help students build a foundation of basic values and challenge them to take responsibility for their actions. As students realize someone cares, school ab­senteeism decreases and academic performance and self-esteem increase.

Through weekly sessions mentors instill self-confidence, encourage better decision making, and provide a support system that many students lack; thus building a foundation of basic values and challenging their student to take responsibility for their actions. Mentors can be an excellent source of advice for the student, but more often than not what the student really needs is just someone to listen and offer encouragement. Any responsible adult who is 18 years of age or older and willing to share time with a student on a consistent basis can be a mentor. For more information on how you can help change the life of a student in Hillsborough County, contact Fred Weber at or 813-574-0280.



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