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"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity." - Leo Tolstoy

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing." -Albert Schweitzer

Get involved in your schools!

The Hillsborough Education Foundation focuses on assisting the children in our community by supporting educational projects and events that are not paid for with tax dollars. The value of the Foundation's support is in flexibility where tax monies are typically more restrictive.

Community involvement in the role we play in improving the education effort is priceless. As a champion for excellent educational resources and opportunities for Hillsborough County Schools, the Foundation strives to direct resources to improve the undertaking of educating students.

Through volunteering, getting involved in fundraising, events, and mentoring, you can make a difference in the community by helping local public schools and serve students. By becoming involved with the Foundation and helping us achieve our goals, you are helping to strengthen your community as well as your bond with it.

By volunteering your resources, whatever they may be, you will be touching the lives of countless numbers of neighbors and making the Bay Area shine.

Thank you to all Heritage Society Donors.

Alex Anston Hooked on Education Memorial Endowment
Andrew J. Lubrano Endowment
Ann Kellum-Bott Fund
Braulio and Adelfa Alonso Scholarship
Candy Olson-Grow Our Own Teachers Fund
Carol K. Lopez Memorial Scholarship Fund
David A. & Mary Irene Falk Memorial Endowment
Doug Walker Memorial Endowment
Dr. Walter L. and Janet Sickles Education Scholarship Fund
Earl Lennard Fund
Edward H. McDowell Jr. Fund
Fuente Family Endowment
Glorius Harvey Memorial Scholarship Fund
James Anthony Ray Sadler Memorial Endowment
James and Adelle Harris
Bill and Deborah Hoffman
The Industrial Company Scholarship Endowment
Jean Stallings Memorial Fund
John & Lora Murphy Scholarship Endowment
Julius Frank Hobbs Jr. Memorial
Delores Jones
K. Hayes Scholarship Fund
Kenneth Freunscht Memorial Fund
Kevin McCarthy Scholarship Memorial Fund
King High School Alumni Organization Fund
Krewe of Agustina de Aragon Scholarship Endowment
Lindsay Jones Memorial Fund
Louis Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark R. Mahoney Memorial Fund
Murphy-Matthews & Associates Inc. Realtors Scholarship Endowment
Murphy-Matthews Realty Martha R. Adkins Scholarship Fund
Mary Carroll Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary Elizabeth Hanks Barrington Memorial Teaching Scholarship
Nancy Bartels Scholarship Fund
Victoria Periord
Phillip J. Harris Memorial Endowment
Phoebe Irby Fund
Robert Blanchard Family Grant
Roger Cantor & the HCPS Industrial & Technology Education Fund
Ron and Sandra Frost Memorial Fund
Sadye Gibbs Martin Memorial Fund
Sandy Pete Memorial Fund
Seminole Heights Elementary Fund
Shannon & Lisa Glor
Sheriff’s Rising Stars Leadership Academy
Shimberg Family Endowment
Tony Sledd Memorial Endowment
Trey Dunwody Memorial Fund
Turn 2 Endowment
Watts Sanderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wilson & Alvina Ayers Scholarship Fund


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