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 "I would like to thank you for the help I received through your Invest Program.  I have used the scholarship money toward my CASE CAT program and that has already helped me improve.  Being able to work more at home will help me get through this program a lot smoother.  It is wonderful that this scholarship is available to those who need it!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  ~ Lourdes, Court Reporting student


INVEST Career and Technical Scholarships provide funds to assist students in their pursuit of post-secondary technical education. Through this program the Hillsborough Education Foundation, partnering with the business community and Hillsborough County Public Schools, is able to address the considerable need of qualified individuals to enter the work force. The goal of INVEST is to provide additional financial support and increase graduation rates for HiTEC students.

Many of the students are able to receive financial aid to assist with tuition, but such assistance does not pay for the additional expenses required by the programs.  These expenses include:

  • Textbooks & School Supplies: $250-$400
  • Auto Technician Basic Tools: $250
  • Drafting Kits: $50-$100 each
  • Drafting Equipment - Basic Planimeter: $265
  • Medical Scrubs, Uniforms: $20-$35 per set
  • Stethoscopes: $129 - $300
  • Specialized Uniform Footwear: $25 - $60
  • Construction/Trigonometry Calculator: $79
  • Construction Hard Hats, Goggles, Tool Belts: $49 - $79
  • Certification/License Exams: $150 - $350

What can you do to ensure we have a well-trained workforce ready to fill positions as so many skilled trade-persons near retirement? 

  • Sponsor the Initiative for Vocational Education, Scholarships, and Training (INVEST), which provides funds  for students to pursue post-secondary technical education.
  • Help us advocate for additional funds from the Florida legislature to support Technical Education Centers.
  • Invite the Hillsborough Education Foundation to make a presentation on workforce development.

Helping our county's students reach their goals for a stable and successful future is a way to assist with the prosperity of our community. Assisting students with gifts and grants as small as $500 and $1,000 can be a significant factor in providing for the needs of Career and Technical Education students.

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