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The Nature's Classroom program offers students the experience of a lifetime!

Since 1969, more than 360,000 sixth graders in Hillsborough County Public Schools have experienced Nature's Classroom, an outdoor environmental education program located on 365 acres of land along the Hillsborough River.  Leaving a lasting impression on all who visit, Nature's Classroom has more than 13,000 sixth graders who visit each year.

This award winning environmental education program combines a three-day field experience with three weeks of classroom study. Students investigate the complex interrelationships found in the Hillsborough River Watershed. The Nature's Classroom hands-on, minds-on learning program has been recognized by the Florida Office of Environmental Education as a Program of Distinction.

The Hillsborough Education Foundation has been involved with Nature's Classroom for many years, providing resources to supplement the school district's programs. Most recently, the Foundation concluded a successful Students First Capital Campaign to assure the continuation of Nature's Classroom.

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"Even though my trip to Nature's classroom was years ago, I remember the experience vividly! I eagerly anticipated every single day of that week. The books were put away and we were exposed to hands-on-learning. Holding a baby alligator and hiking through the palmetto bushes taught me not only about science and nature, but also about the science and nature of Florida. As an adult who now lives out of the state, I have met many people who believe Florida is all about Disney World and tourism. I always think about Nature's Classroom when I hear that opinion and remember my exposure to the ‘real' Florida and learning about these aspects of my home state." ~ Amy D.


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