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About Us

Mission Statement
To engage business and community partners in the support of Hillsborough County Public Schools and the academic achievement of all its students.


Vision Statement
Hillsborough County will be recognized for its excellent public schools and as a community committed to having every one of its students succeed.


Guiding Principles

  • The Foundation’s focus is students in Hillsborough County Public Schools, with special interest with students most in need.
  • The Foundation recognizes the importance of its partnership with the Hillsborough County Public Schools system and will coordinate its efforts in such a way that will produce the biggest impact for students.
  • The Foundation will recognize and honor the passion our donors have for excellence in public education by committing to offer opportunities that will have an impact and maximize the resources they entrust to us for initiatives that are not funded by tax revenues.
  • The Foundation will treat ALL of our internal and external partners in a spirit of respect, grace and shared purpose.
  • The Foundation recognizes and supports the important role effective teachers play in student success.
  • The Foundation will promote volunteerism in support of its efforts to achieve student success.
  • The Foundation demands ethical behavior in all endeavors and recognizes its responsibility to be transparent and accountable for its programs and the return on invested resources.
  • The Foundation will be the conduit of resources from the business community and private sources in support of Hillsborough County public school students and teachers.


What We Do
The Hillsborough Education Foundation focuses on assisting the children in our community by supporting educational projects and events that are not be paid for with tax dollars.  The value the Foundation adds is in flexibility where tax monies are typically more restrictive.  The foundation maximizes its impact via the private dollars brought into the effort.

We strive to direct resources to improve the education effort through laser-focused initiatives in specific areas, such as teacher and principal grants, student scholarships, recognition of educational excellence, support of Nature's Classroom, and other special projects. The Hillsborough Education Foundation adds value, expertise and unique perspective - to the solution; not by solely administering (donor restricted) projects (such as grants, scholarships, etc.), but also obtaining and directing resources where they may have maximum impact in the most critical areas.

Career & Technical Education 

  • Aid to students who are obtaining postsecondary certifications so they can begin careers.
  • These programs address the considerable need for technical and skilled workers in the community.
  • Programs include: SUCCESS Fund, Project SUCCESS, and INVEST.

Excellence in Education 


School Enrichment

  • Enhance the classroom experience and support academic success through special programs that benefit core academic areas.
  • Includes: Special Projects, literacy, and STEM.

Teaching Tools for Hillsborough Schools

  • Providing at-risk students with the basic school supplies necessary for success in the classroom.

 Fundraising Events

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Fast Facts
We are a charitable organization that invests community resources to help students achieve academic success.

  • Established in 1988
  • Led by a volunteer board of directors made up of business and community leaders
  • Involve more than 100 active volunteers who serve on various committees

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